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Bastos Silvia
(San Cristobal, Venezuela)

Silvia Bastos was born on 1973 in San Cristobal, Venezuela. Since her young hood, she revealed her artistic inclination towards art by drawing and painting portraits and landscapes, as well as taking art lessons during her high school years. She attended the school of "Fine Arts in Maracaibo, Venezuela; where she earned a degree in the year 2000. She travel across Europe for two years (2004-2005), where she had the opportunity to visit the most important and valuables art museums, thus, widening her knowledge about art and understanding the different art proposals, as deepen her thoughts of painting. In the middle of that enriched environment and on the birth of the renaissance, the city of Bari, Italy there was evidence of her comeback and transformation of her style and her spirit. Silvia is an artist whose source of inspiration is classic music. With the music and the excellent use of color and line, besides utilizing a unique concept, she creates the flow of music in her pieces, when transforming sounds into colors, and lines into rhythm, as a result giving her pieces a superb equilibrium. Silvia Bastos have participated in multiples well renowned expositions around Venezuela and the United States, especially in South Florida, where she received recognition of the "America’s Community Center of Florida", in the cities of Weston, Pembroke Pines, and from other private and public institutions. Since 2007, Silvia has been a member of the "Weston Art Guild" in Weston, Florida. As well, she has been member of the "Art Council Greater Weston" in the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Currently, she confines herself in her studio to experiment with new expression forms for her artistic concept.

I think art is the most sublime thing that the human being can offer to the world. We are all equal; however, we differ from each other on how we interpret the exterior world and how we interiorize it. In my art, I search to reveal my inner self. To attain this goal, when I paint I release myself from the concepts I have learnt. I don’t let my intellectual perception intervene; but rather I just let my instincts flow through the medium and reveal the message that's working its way out of my inner self.

After some debate, I decided to name my style Musical Introspection. It was originally born as an inner rupturing with the concepts of figurative art. Musical Introspection is a new kind of connection with the universal creative energy flowing through classical music. In essence it is an intuitive and unique process, during which my perception of the music suggests colors, and the rhythm marks defines lines. In this way I reach an intimate connection between two strong artistically expressive forces, music and painting. Through this perceptual interconnection, one can actually "see" music, and "hear" art from the soul, and experience the connection between their unions.

My paintings are not static. The viewer can relate to them, easily entering an unconscious state of meditation in which the piece's movement brings to surface deep and profound questions. Uniquely, my paintings have an energizing effect on the ambient in which they are shown, and influence the inner being of the observers, exuding sensations of bliss and rejoice.


009 Sunflour Gallery, "Before New York", Weston, FL,USA (Solo)

The City Of Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery, Pembroke Pines, Fl, United States

Sunrise Civic Center, Sunrise, Fl, USA

3rd Annual Weston Art Walk, Weston, Fl, USA

2008 Elite Art Editions Gallery, "Art in Miami", Wynwood Art District, Miami, USA

Weston Branch Library, "Proclamation", Weston, USA

2nd Weston Art Walk, Weston, Fl, USA

Southwest Regional Library, "Synergy", Southwest Ranch, Fl, USA

Coral Spring Museum of Art, Coral Spring, USA

Brasero’s Steakhouse Gallery, Weston. Fl, USA

Hyatt Regency Bonaventure Hotel, Art and Culture in Weston, Bonaventure, Fl, USA

2007 V Salon de las Americas, Weston, United States.

TrePass Store of Moda, Weston, United States. (Solo)

Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, "Hispanic Art Exhibition", Orlando, United States.

Euro Rooms Gallery, Weston, United States. (Solo)

2006 Avatar Art Gallery, San Cristobal, Venezuela (Solo)

2005 Major Contest of the Arts, San Cristobal, Venezuela

Avatar Art Gallery, San Cristobal, Venezuela (Solo)

2003 The Fine Arts School Maracaibo, New Artists Exhibition Room, Venezuela

Agora Gallery, Maracaibo, Venezuela (Solo)

Luna’s Gallery, Maracaibo, Venezuela













































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